Zwinkels Guest House Bamenda

Zwinkels Guest House – Mile Three – Bamenda (behind the Full Gospel Mission) – COMFORTABLE AND PRIVATE STAY IN BAMENDA Bamenda, also known as Abakwa and Mankon Town, is a city in north-western Cameroon and capital of the North West Region. The city has an estimated 446,000 inhabitants and is located 366 km north-west of the Cameroonian capital, Yaoundé. Bamenda is known for its cool climate and scenic hilly location. As a provincial centre the city has numerous markets, banks, and offices. The main industries are the processing of agricultural produce such as coffee. The local museum and shops display a wide variety of local baskets, beads, woodcarvings and bronze statues. In Bamenda there are cultural sites such as the Mankon Fon’s Palace with its newly constructed museum, the Bafut and the Bali Fon’s palaces with their ancient architectural structures. The mountainous terrain around the city affords scenic views such as that from the mountain Sabga over the Ndop plain. foto_1Zwinkels House is small cozy guest house situated at Mile Three Nkwen-Bamenda behind the Full Gospel Mission. Zwinkels House is situated in a calm environment with a beautiful garden and veranda with a view on the high hills around Bamenda. Depending on the dry or wet season the view is always comfortable and relaxing. The guest house has six rooms available, three double rooms (rooms with 2 separate beds) with private bathroom and toilet,  two single rooms with shared bathroom/toilet and a big family room with  three separate beds (with the possibility for extra small child bed) with shared bathroom and toilet. BinnenzijdeGuestHouse In addition to the rooms the guests can use the spacey parlor to listen to music and read books for relaxation or sit on the veranda to enjoy the beautiful view. The Guest House also has a separate small television room for watching local or international broadcasts.

InwijdingBenTraditional inauguration of the Guest House

SPECIAL GUESTS: We offer this Guest House to special guests, who want to enjoy the calm and privacy or who want to work in a quiet space with personal comfort and attention. Our guests are international tourists, expatriates of international companies and development organisations, but also local international communities, representatives of Embassies and NGO’s and the European Union. Our prices are determined on basis of local situations and circumstances taking  local laws, taxation and social and ethical entrepreneurship into consideration.

  • Twin room with shower and toilet for two persons  :FCFA 31.500 (EUR 48)
  • Twin room with shower and toilet for one person    :FCFA 25.500 (EUR 38.90)
  • Twin room with shared shower and toilet              :FCFA 25.500 (EUR 38.90)
  • Single room with washbasin/shared shower/toilet  :FCFA 25.000 (EUR 38)
  • Three persons family room with shared facilities       :FCFA 35.000 (EUR 53)
  • Two persons family room with shared facilities          :FCFA 30.000 (EUR 46)
  • One person family room with shared facilities          :FCFA 20.000 (EUR 30)

Extra bed for a child : FCFA   8.000 (EUR 12) Discounts of maximum 10% may be considered when clients will rent the entire Guest House or will stay at least seven nights in a row. It should be noted that quoted prices are internationally very competitive.

Bookings and Payments

The Management of the Zwinkels Guest House is executed by Zwinkels Tours Cameroon (ZTC), an official Travel Company, that is focusing on growing and promoting sustainable tourism in Cameroon. The bookings and administrative processing of your stay in the Guest House is always done by ZTC and like all other international Hotels and Guest Houses, ZTC demands at the moment of the room booking an advance payment of one or two nights while upon arrival the remaining part of the stay must be paid. Invoicing of breakfast, lunches and dinners as well as drinks will be done on the departure date through an after-calculation.

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancelled or modified up to 8 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.
  • If cancelled or modified up to 7 days before date of arrival, maximum two night will be charged.


Zwinkels Guest House insists on preparing organic foods only for her guests during their stay and makes very good use of the Bamenda organic farm produce. We even grow some crops ourselves in our own small garden.

Bamenda farmers cultivate local produce like beans (white, red, black and multicolored), potatoes, yams, cocoyams, tomatoes, plantains, bananas, cabbages, spices of different kinds, fruits  like pineapple, papaya, oranges, watermelon, vegetables of all kinds, carrots, green beans, etc.



fruitengroeten Organic foods are produced without hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, genetic modifications or germ-killing radiation etc. Farmers in Bamenda produce these foods with use of natural manure. Animal farmers use these locally grown foods to feed their animals making them suitable for consumption.

groentegrondcassave Environmental benefits Zwinkels Guest House tries to support the world by fighting against global warming and by looking at the environmental benefits of organic agriculture  which include: organic agriculture maintains ecological balance, it enhances biodiversity, minimizes nutrient losses and boosts soil productivity, reduces pollution of groundwater. minimizes the greenhouse effect and global warming. BREAKFAST, LUNCHES AND DINNERS Zwinkels Guest House has a well-educated team in order to offer a variety of good food based on local produced vegetables, potatoes, fruits etc. We carefully see into the production and processing and try to buy sustainable and BIO food for our clients. . The surroundings of Bamenda and the North-West Province have excellent possibilities to buy fresh food and vegetables directly from farmers or from the local trade women. Also we are careful with preparing the food by using hygienic measures and a proper kitchen.

Plantage2 Plantage1

Cost for food in the Guest House per person:

  • Breakfast      : FCFA   4.300 (EUR   6,50)
  • Lunch           : FCFA   5.500 (EUR   8,50)
  • Dinner            : FCFA 10.000 (EUR 15,00)
  • 25% discount for children below 12 years
  • 50% discount for children below 8 years

For excursions, museum visits, mountain hikes etc. in Bamenda or surroundings, please ask the reception of Zwinkels Guest House for advice or assistance. CONTACT FOR RESERVATIONS ZWINKELS TOURS CAMEROON. MILE 3, NKWEN P.O.BOX 162, BAMENDA, CAMEROON 00. 237. 699.315.989. 650.234.890 EMAILS: Other phone numbers: THE NETHERLANDS: +31.348. 419 291 +31.6.517 968 91 Nederland:

+31 348 – 419 291 +31 6 517 968 91