Ngoun Festival



The Ngoun Festival is organized every two years by the Bamoun people in Foumban around the months of December. This festival brings all members of the Bamoun tribe together in order to discuss the development and results of the Sultanate. It is traditionally a very colorful festival with a lot of traditional dances with special attention on the beautiful and traditional craft of the Bamoun.The feast will be celebrated from the 3rd to the 12th of December 2016. It will be a twin celebration as the inauguration of the newly constructed Museum will be launched. This museum is one of Cameroon most prominent.

Day 1:

Traditional dances performed by dance groups of different Bamoun tribes

Bamoun warrior

Day 2:

07.00 hrs : Bamoun art exhibition and traditional dance groups.

12.00 hrs : Meeting of high officials in the palace of the Sultan. Here the activities and the results of the reign of the Sultan of the past 2 years are evaluated. In case the results are found positive the Sultan will be honored and will receive compliments. In case the results are found negative however, the Sultan will be reprimanded and requested to do better in the future. On top he will have to pay a fine.

8.00 hrs – 23.00 : Music and traditional dances by dance groups of different Bamoun tribes.

Sultan of the Bamoun

Day 3. 

06.30 hrs : The Sultan leads the Palace Guard and a body of troops of the Cameroonian army to the entry road of Foumban where they will find a 2- headed serpent. This parade is the symbol of the tribe wars of olden days fought by the Bamoun at which they expanded their area and enemies and neighboring tribes were killed or taken prisoner.

11.00 hrs : Back in the palace you see how the heads of the captured enemies were being presented to the sultan, and how the warriors were being awarded for their courage.

13.00 hrs : Speech by the Sultan in which he thanks all his subjects. The ceremony will end with a communal prayer.

15.00 uur : Performance of dance groups in the palace and departure of invitees and officials.

Bamoun dances

Ngoun drums

Informatie Ngoun Festival

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